DNV GL brings wind industry leaders together in joint industry project “Validation of Turbulence Models”


A new Best Practice will be developed to improve the design of modern wind turbines and wind farms that will lead to cost reductions. 

Together with global partners, INTPOW member DNV GL, the world’s largest resource of independent energy experts and renewables certification body, has launched a Joint Industry Project (JIP) to develop a new Best Practice for the validation of turbulence models. The JIP “Validation of Turbulence Models” aims to create a better understanding of turbulence modelling to reduce uncertainty in the design of wind farms. By jointly developing guidelines in the form of a Best Practice document the project will improve accuracy on site-specific load assessments, leading to a reduction in the cost of wind energy.

To design wind turbines and wind farms, the industry currently relies on wind turbulence models that were developed decades ago when wind turbines were smaller than modern turbine types. With the increased size of wind turbines, current turbulence models result in large fatigue load variations with differences of up to 20%. Furthermore, existing turbulence models are often insufficiently applicable to other site-conditions beyond flat terrain and neutral stability.

By providing a platform to discuss challenges such as the most appropriate turbulence model parameters and whether parameters should differ onshore and offshore, stakeholders are developing a mutual alignment on key questions that are vital to moving the industry forward.

The JIP will collect onshore and offshore wind measurement data from more than 30 global sites, considering onshore, offshore and coastal influences in the analysis. By validating key turbulence parameters and evaluating their load impact, the JIP will provide guidance for optimal wind turbulence design and site assessments in a new Best Practice document.

The participants include a global range of wind farm developers, wind turbine manufactures and research institutes. The following companies are members of the project:

  • Christian Michelsen Research AS
  • DONG Energy Wind Power
  • DTU Wind Energy
  • Gamesa Innovation and Technology
  • GE Global Research
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • Siemens Wind Power AS
  • SSE Renewables Developments LTD
  • Statoil Petroleum AS
  • Suzlon
  • TechnoCentre Éolien
  • Vattenfall AB



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