Member Benefits

INTPOW is a network organisation for the renewable energy industry. Members benefit from membership in INTPOW as follows: 

•    Become part of the only national and the principal networking organisation for the Norwegian renewable energy industry with a strong profile and a large network both nationally and internationally.

•    Receive exclusive invitations to meetings and networking opportunities with central international clients and potential alliances, as well as industry experts.

•    Promotion of your industry and creation of market leads through INTPOW´s organisation of a large variety of events internationally such as conferences, seminars, social networking, B2B meetings, industry delegations, joint exhibition participation etc.

•    Expanded international market opportunities and close stakeholder relations and collaboration

•    Exposure through web conferencing and social media platforms aimed extensively to improve efficiency in the promotional work for our members.

•    Access to updated and in-depth market and industry analysis. Such analysis includes market, industry structure, entry strategies and project information.

•    We aim to be the main information source for our members in specific markets. We draw on local expertise and our extensive network to bring in-depth in- formation to our members in reports and through our Norwegian and international events.

•    Tailor made advice and analysis based on our deep understanding of specific markets and industries as well as our international networking ability.

•    Opportunity to influence Government. INTPOW acts as an intermediate between Government and private sector and maintains a close dialogue with political decision makers in Norway and internationally. We are therefore able to bring new information and understanding to our members at early stages of policy and also to convey industry views both in Norway and abroad.

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