Tinfos AS

Since 1894 Tinfos has produced energy, making them one of Norway's oldest energy-  and industry companies.

Tinfos AS was founded in 1894 and has 118 years of experience of extracting hydropower. Their production facilities at Notodden (approximately 220GWh) formed the foundation for industries such as the paper- and iron industries. Norsk Hydro first started at Notodden, with power from Tinfos I.

Tinfos AS has, in addition to power production at Notodden, power producing facilities in Luster in Sogn, Lindås, Nes, Syd-Varanger and Saltdal. In Indonesia Tinfos opened their first hydropower plant in January 2011, with 10 MW installed capacity and 48 GWh annual production. Tinfos is working for an expansion within the energy sector in Norway and is as a result involved in several projects, all organized from Notodden. In 2005 the board of directors at Tinfos AS approved the building of small power stations for up to 100 million Norwegian kroner over the next 10 years, clearly stating their growing ambitions.


O.H. Holtasgate 21

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