Hydropower, offshore wind, power trade and solar PV are all technologies supported by Norwegian utilities and industries. As a nation we challenged early the solar PV segment building up an industry standing for half of the renewable exports in 2010. When the industry in 2009 deployed the world first floating offshore full-scale windmill it was clearly another milestone for Norway. Still producing energy it proves the capability of engineering and planning combining several features and skills.

Norway has for a long time been the world's sixth largest hydropower producer and is the only industrialised nation meeting its domestic electricity demand almost exclusively through this clean and renewable source. Norwegian power utilities and companies are now bringing their expertise abroad and are growing their business internationally in South East Europe as well as in Asia and South America. This cooperation will benefit all parties involved and will contribute to the implementation of cutting-edge technology made within the framework of a responsible environmental and social context.

As an organisation where the authorities and industry work together as partners, INTPOW has become a key player when it comes to bringing Norwegian technological expertise abroad.

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