Large-Scale Solar Project commissioned in Spain


INTPOW partner, Innotech Solar, commissioned one of Spain’s largest solar power stations last Friday. The installation – which has an output of 4.3 megawatt peak (MWp) –is constructed on several greenhouses, where trees are being cultivated for a local forestation project in an area measuring 62,000 m². The solar power station will produce 6 MWh of energy per year, enabling it to supply approximately 2,500 households.

Construction work on the power plant in the Andalusian municipalities of Atarfe and Moclin began in May 2011. Planning, project management and construction of the installation were the responsibility of Swiss project contractors Jendra Power, a former subsidiary of Innotech Solar. The investor is the Swiss energy supplier Energie Wasser Bern, and this solar power station is the third it has commissioned from the Innotech Solar Group.

Innotech Solar supplied the solar modules for the project. These modules are made from solar cells which are initially rejected after manufacture, then Innotech Solar returns them to their full performance capacity using a unique laser-assisted process.

“The groundbreaking process for upgrading rejected solar cells makes ITS modules especially environmentally friendly with a particularly low CO2 footprint,” explains Thor Christian Tuv, Innotech Solar CEO. “This is now the fourth solar project that we have completed in Spain.” The first two solar installations were connected to the grid in July 2010 and in March 2011 the third project was realized – a carport with a 2.4 MWp output in Huelva, Andalusia.

Source: Innotech Solar


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