INTPOW partner Innotech Solar starts up major solar project in Nauen


Innotech Solar delivers over 13,000 solar modules to the solar park in Nauen near Berlin, Germany. With an annual electricity production of 3.1 million KWh, it will supply energy to approx. 800 households.

The solar park was developed on a former building rubble tip belonging to Nauen and dating back to pre-war times. The modules are particularly environmentally friendly, consisting of solar cells which had been rejected due to defects. Innotech Solar then used a laser-assisted process to restore their full performance power. “Our modules have an extra small carbon footprint. The production of modules with conventional solar cells consumes around 90% more energy than the production of ITS modules, which are made of optimized solar cells,” explains Dr. Thomas Hillig, Director Sales & Marketing EMEA. “So I am delighted that today a particularly green solar project is going live.”



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