Changes in Europe and the impact on the Norwegian electricity market


DNV KEMA just released a report on what the changes in the energy and power situation in Europe means for Norway.

INTPOW partner DNV KEMA has analyzed the changes in Europe and its implications on the Norwegian power market. The study is based on the ECF reports “Roadmap 2050” and Power Perspectives 2030”.

DNV KEMA has added three more scenarios ((1)An ambitious Europe, (2) Delayed grid expansion and (3) A less renewable Europe) to evaluate the effects of the future changes in the European power markets on the Norwegian power market. And furthermore, Norway’s possibility to contribute with balancing power to other European countries.

For a copy of the DNV KEMA report, please contact: Stuart Brewer, Communications Manager, DNV Group Communications and External Relations Phone: +47 915 22 360 Mail:


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