UKs Carbon Trust to launch new projects


The Carbon Trust has launched a new research project to measure wake effects and a competition for next generation of offshore wind cables.

The new £2m wake effects measurement project will provide detailed measurement data to the wind industry to help better understand how the wind behaves in complex situations offshore. This will help the industry to improve prediction accuracy, reduce financing costs and optimise windfarm layouts.  

Offshore Wind Accelerator is launching a 66kV Cable Qualification Competition to reward cable suppliers designing and qualifying 66kV cables.The cable competition will fast track the development of new 66kV cables to be used by the offshore wind industry and ensure that they are developed in time to be used on Round 3 projects in the UK. Moving from 33kV to 66KV brings a number of benefits including the need for fewer substations, reduce system losses and cutting overall cable requirements. The closing date to receive tender submissions is 7th July 2013.

Source: The Carbon Trust and


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