New report about the Norwegian energy industry


INTPOW has released its annual report «The Norwegian Cleantech Industry ? Statistics». Menon Business Economics was commissioned by INTPOW to produce the report by charting the current status and development of the sector.

In short, 1 786 companies in Norway were surveyed, which in 2011 reported a total revenue of NOK 181 billion and a total of NOK 64 billion in value added. Export sales were calculated to NOK 21.8 billion. 17.5 billion of these are made up by goods and services, the remainder is related to electricity exports. In 2010, the industry was the eighth biggest exporter in Norway.  
The industry faced some setbacks during the financial crisis in 2009. While most segments started to grow again in 2010, development from 2010 to 2011 has again been negative, with revenues falling by seven percent and value added by eleven percent. The cleantech industry employed around 38 000 people in Norway in 2011, with employment being stabile from 2010.

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