Renewable Energy Seminar in Croatia


The Norwegian Embassy, in cooperation with the Croatian Ministry of Economy and the Croatian Chamber of Economy, held a seminar on renewable energy in Zagreb, 13 May. Representatives from Norwegian companies and institutions, including our own Managing Director Line Amlund Hagen, Innovation Norway, Statnett and Export Credit Norway, as well as Croatian companies working with Norwegian partners gave presentations, took part in a panel discussion and answered questions from the audience. The seminar was attended by over 100 participants.

The seminar focused on different aspects of the Norwegian renewable energy sector. The areas with most potential in Croatia, solar, wind and hydro power, was presented, encompassing both already existing projects in Croatia and possible future cooperation between Norway and Croatia.

Also other aspects of the Norwegian energy market and its international potential was introduced. Norway was one of the first countries in Europe to deregulate its electricity market. Drawing from this, a representative from the system operator of the Norwegian energy transmission grid shared their experiences and future prospects. Further, the seminar included speakers working directly with promotion and financing of cooperation with, and export purchases from, Norwegian companies. These companies represent opportunities for cooperation and financing for Croatian companies working in the renewable energy sector.

The seminar and speakers reflect Norway’s international ambitions on the energy market and the goal of creating sustainable solutions combining economic growth and effective use of environmentally friendly energy resources. Norway is taking a number of steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote technological advances. Norway produces about 56% of its energy requirements, including energy for transport, from renewable energy sources. Competitiveness, effective use of resources and profitability in the energy sector creates jobs and income, which is vital to ensure welfare and employment. The energy policy must be administered within an environmentally friendly framework, which in addition utilizes the supply of labour, knowledge, capital and natural resources.



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