INTPOW at UK Ministerial Roundtable Discussion


On the 19th of January, INTPOW and other senior executives from the Nordic and Baltic renewable energy industries was invited to discuss different aspects and challenges related to offshore wind development in the UK sector of the North sea with Mr. Charles Hendry, UK Secretary of State at Department of Energy and Climate Change, and other senior UK government representatives. The meeting was organized by the UK Trade and Investment office in close relation to the gathering of the Prime ministers of all the Nordic and Baltic countries on invitation from Mr. Cameron, UK’s prime minister. 

We were impressed with the openness and interest with which the UK government meets the industry to discuss topics of importance both to the industry and the UK government. To enable the government to meet its offshore wind targets it is encouraging all p rocesses that inspire and lend security to the industry and enable a better planning visibility. The discussions revealed that the UK government is well aware of all aspects of the industry’s challenges, both at developer and supplier level, ranging from the interconnection discussions, the port development and the cost and support issue of the whole offshore wind program. Mr. Hardy underlined the UK government’s commitment to developing the program as planned, despite the interruptions that suggested changes to the support system might influx. 

At the roundtable discussion, INTPOW had the opportunity to voice strong support of the offshore wind program. INTPOW offered the UK government, the Crown Estate and RenewableUK support to facilitate strong and efficient processes to develop a sustainable supply chain in the UK. Amongst others, INTPOW offered to facilitate workshops for knowledge transfer based on Norwegian experiences and processes developed to build a strong sustainable international oil & gas supply industry while developing the oil  & gas fields on the Norwegian shelf. Our impression is that the UK government and other related institutions lend an eye to the success by Statoil and other Norwegian based O&G offshore developers & suppliers to create strong O&M organizations and a technology driven global expansion. 
INTPOW is supporting the Norwegian offshore wind industry and facilitates it’s expansion internationally by facilitating strong information flow, creating high level industrial and governmental networks and partnership opportunities for the Norwegian supply chain.  


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