The Italian Council of Minister to decide on the further development of the photovoltaic sector in Italy


On Thursday 3. March, the Italian Council of Ministers we be convened to decide about the Italian photovoltaic sector’s fate. A decree proposal on renewable energies, submitted by the Ministry of Economic Development, will be examined. 

The draft of the decree that circulated in the last few days included the immediate suspension of the feed-in-tariffs program when 8 GW of cumulated power are reached, the cancellation of the incentive program by 2014 and the introduction of caps for cumulative power for each power system typology. All these measures could affect further development of photovoltaics in Italy. The Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Economic Development have now started negotiations about the suspension of the incentives after 8 GW. The associations of the PV sector, as well as several environmental associations, announced a demonstration in front of Palazzo Chigi, seat of the Italian Government, during the session of the Council of Ministers. Source:

The sustainability of the feed-in-tariffs in Italy has been under debate since the first impressions of the exuberant demand of up to 6-7 GW in 2010 seeped through to the market in January. We believe that without reductions and limitations to the system incentives, the risk of a sudden death of the Italian feed-in-tariff is more likely. Limitations like this will add to the oversupply situation that might be more present through H2 2011.


We believe Stefano Eleuteri, editor-in-chief of the PHOTON publishing group’s Italian-language PV magazine, whose opinion it is that “Italy’s PV incentives have to be reduced to drastically lower levels, …. halting the overspend on solar”.



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