GIEK is there to help all Norwegian exporters who want to reach new markets. By providing guarantees on behalf of the Norwegian government, we make it simpler for your company to obtain sound funding and secure key export agreements.

GIEK’s activities have contributed to historic growth for Norwegian export industries. Today GIEK has over 70 employees who manage guarantees worth about NOK 100 billion. With our high technical expertise and in-depth understanding of different sectors and markets, we are a good financial partner and adviser for Norwegian exporters.

• is a public enterprise under the Ministry of Trade and Industry
• is open to all industries, and can provide guarantees for exports to most countries around the world
• has quintupled its activities since 2004
• is still growing, and our total guarantee ceiling today stands at about NOK 160 billion
• has sister organisations in all OECD countries
• is located in Vika in the centre of Oslo



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