International Centre for Hydropower

Promoting the development and utilisation of hydropower resources

Who is ICH?
The International Centre for Hydropower (ICH) is a non-profit organisation based on institutional membership for organisations and companies in the hydropower sector. The purpose of ICH is to raise the standards of competence of personnel in the hydropower industry and to promote the sustainable development of hydropower resources.

What is ICH?
Members include hydropower generating companies and supply industry, consulting companies and authorities, as well as research institutions and universities. ICH offers training courses built around the overarching concepts of planning, construction and operation of hydropower facilities, but also related to current international trends in the restructuring of the power sector by focusing on economic and financial topics, climate change and environmental and social issues. The training is targeted towards hydropower professionals at degree level or higher with several years of experience.

Where is ICH operating?
ICH is based in Norway, but an increasing proportion of its course activities are taking place regionally in Asia, Africa and Latin America through cooperation with local partners. ICH runs core courses of normally one to three weeks duration as well as courses tailored to the specific needs of the regions. ICH is also active in the organising of international conferences, seminars and workshops, as well as study tours for different groups.

How is ICH functioning?
Being non-profit ICH's operation is supported through cooperation with various institutions like Norwegian Governmental Organisations (Norad, OED, MFA) as well as the International Development Banks and local partners in the regions. ICH has presently 5 employees and a current turnover in the region of NOK 15 million yearly.



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