SunErgy AS

SunErgy AS is a Norwegian company in the business of providing Off-Grid communities in emerging markets with solar power electricity. It is presently active in West Africa building and operating solar power plants.

In May 2012, the company entered into a Protocol Agreement with the Republic of Cameroon on providing ninety-two villages and some 350 000 people in the South-West Regions of Cameroon with solar power electricity through its daughter company SunErgy Cameroon Ltd.

In addition to electricity, SunErgy also offers cable television and internet, thus giving people access to the world.

The vision of SunErgy AS is to give people an opportunity to escape poverty. Electricity offers access to the world via cable television, internet and mobile phones, which will offer a host of new business opportunities and the possibility of a better future and a brighter life. An opportunity they never had before.



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