Nexans Norway AS

Nexans Norway AS is a leading supplier of power, telecommunications, installations and heating cables in Norway, and is among the world's leading manufacturers of offshore control cables and high-voltage submarine cables.

The company's head office is in Oslo, and it has manufacturing plants at Rognan, Namsos, Langhus, Karmøy and Halden. In Norway, the company has approximately 1,400 employees.

In 2011, Nexans Norway had a turnover of approximately USD 980 million. Nexans Norway is part of the Nexans group, one of the world's leading cable manufacturers. The group has more than 23,000 employees and had a turnover of approximately USD 9,9 billion.

Nexans' submarine power cables interconnect large wind turbines and complete windparks to local or distant grids. For medium and high-voltage cables, we oversee complete installation, from initial pre-qualification, design, customized production, logistics, installation, testing and pre-commissioning, including accessories. We have a close partnership with developers, power utilities, installers and contractors worldwide.
The company has mastery of maritime conditions based on oil & gas submarine energy and telecom cabling experience and unsurpassed onshore and offshore installation experience and design capabilities, using advanced equipment, special software for overhead transmission line and dynamic cable applications
We have a complete range of accessories: purpose designed joints, terminations, transition joints between various types of cable. 
Some of our reference projects for windmill parks are Horns Rev I and II, Lynn&Inner Dowsing, Wolfe Island, Sheringham Shoal, Hywind and Belwind. 


P.O. Box 6450, Etterstad
0605 OSLO

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