DNV is a global provider of services for managing risk to customers in a range of industry sectors, with special focus on maritime and energy industries.

The value proposition is to help customers achieve sustainable performance and turn risks into rewards through DNV's excellence in identifying, assessing and managing risk. DNV take leadership through innovation and technology and non-compromising standards of quality and integrity. Based on its independence and integrity, DNV balances the needs of business and society.

The company has a global presence with a network of 300 offices in 100 countries, and is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Its prime assets are the knowledge and expertise of its 9,000 employees. DNV external revenue was 9560 MNOK in 2008.

DNV was established in 1864 and is an independent, autonomous foundation with the purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment.
Towards a sustainable energy future
The urgent need for a clean, low CO2 energy future creates a unique challenge. Most clean energy solutions suffer from a lack of maturity in terms of technology, economy, infrastructure and/or common acceptance criteria. DNV works towards common acceptance criteria and qualification methods –clarifying the decision basis for businesses and shortening the time span from policy making to industry implementation. Customers are supported in defining and addressing their challenges and recognising their opportunities, by combining risk, technology and management expertise.
Wind power
DNV is one of the biggest providers of wind energy advisory services in the world and the largest independent certifier of offshore wind projects. DNV’s services within energy assessment, project risk management, power performance, certification and technology qualification provides confidence and trust throughout the lifetime of wind power plants and DNV’s standards for wind turbine blades and offshore wind structures are widely used in the industry.
Marine energy
DNV supports the industry with qualification of new technology, ensuring reliable power production, and has developed an industry standard for marine energy systems.
DNV supports the development of biofuel with services related to different aspects of risks –ensuring sustainable production as well as safe and reliable transportation.
DNV provides services to assess the social, economic and environmental performance of new hydropower projects and has supported development of the International Hydropower Association’s Sustainability Assessment Protocol.
CO2 capture and storage
Carbon capture, transport and long-term storage (CCS) is a significant activity in DNV’s operations. In addition to service offerings to authorities and industry that cover the entire CO2 value chain, DNV is taking the lead in joint industry projects, aiming to create standards for the capture, transportation and storage of CO2. This is supported by major industry players and key international authorities.
Emission trading
DNV is a leading independent greenhouse gas verifier. It was the first company to be accredited by the UN for the verification of all majorCDM scopes and holds the leading role in terms of global presence, verification and validation of projects.



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